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News Mar15

Rachel and Sophie
* I will instruct you and teach you in the way which thou shalt go: I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Psalms 32: 8 *

To begin let me tell you that Sophie started the school and officially this year she entered to maternal so she will go to kindergarten in a while. Thank God Sophie loves to learn, share and spend time with her classmates. Now she has a new teacher but apparently it did not affect her too much, rather Sophie learned the teacher’s name faster than me.
Also we took on the challenge for Sophie to begin ballet lessons. For some people she can be still very little but the truth is that it’s the best time for her to start gaining discipline.  In the first class I wondered a lot, but the thing is she entered as if she knew all the other girls and as if she had taken lessons since she was born, first God I hope every class she can engage better and these classes can be to build his life.

Taking Steps Faith.....
For those who did not know, and thanks to those who were praying, Sophie and I were applying for our American visa and guess what? We got it! There were lots of nervous, expectations and questions when we got in the entry of the Embassy. The night before that, I studied with Sophie the story of David and Goliath and God reminded me that as he was with David and emerged victorious, that would happen to us too and so it was.  We found favor with the officer, he did ask many questions but in the end that was a gift already prepared from God. It took months of saving to cancel each visa charge, but I saw God´s support at all times, so now anyone can invite us to visit USA lol.

What was impossible for us, HE did IT POSSIBLE
In my 10 years of being with OMCR God has allowed me to live each stage of OM, I can remember my beginnings in OM by 2003 in an office in San Pedro. We were only 2 people, I used to came occasionally to help making calls for praying nights with many volunteers, national scope and countless more things. It was terribly sad when we got the news that the offices had been destroyed by fire, those were the longest hours, full of sadness and tears. Just to watch that in minutes all that was burned and that there was nothing left. But still our passion and desire to serve God did not stop, unlike the ongoing work and although we were in 3 different locations 10 years later HE allows me to see his promise fulfilled. At the end of February we saw a dream fulfilled, "New House for OMCR".  During the past year we have been working hard as a team to raise funds for the purchase of a place and so, God has provided in many ways, HE has put in other people hearts, churches; entrepreneurs join this dream, which is Gods dream. So by early April will by moving to our new offices, which will be a hosting center in order to be a self-sustaining ministry.

Since last year I mentioned that I have been in a process within OM. This year I'm in the leadership team. We are 3 people, which are a nice addition. I have no doubt that it is God who has put me there. As a team we had our retreat, such a delightful time with God, where we could heard more from him, unite as a team and above all see where God is leading us.

Global Impact Panama 2015....
Sophie and I are almost ready to go to Panama; this month will be traveling with a group of 45 Costa Ricans, for many of them it´s first trip. There are many expectations around, many hours of travel (between 36 hours). We will be working in churches in different places. Also I´ll be participating in the annual meeting of leaders of OM at the level of Central America and Mexico, I am helping with logistics and as an invited to the meeting. For Sophie, this will be a new experience cause it is a ne w country and she is very excited to be able to travel with her mom. It will be a beautiful time for both us.

  1. For each day Sophie and I can have a beautiful relationship.
  2. For the new challenges that come in OMCR and the new offices.
  3. For OMCR team to keep us together and doing what we like, serve Jesus.
  4. For our trip to Panama, God save us all the time and that our health is not affected.
  5. For our finances.


If you want to support us financially write to: or contact your local OM office (if you're out of Costa Rica)
In Costa Rica, for a deposit:
Banco Nacional $: 100-02-107-600147-7 or
(Describe it is an Offering for Raquel López)

Serving God in Costa Rica

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